Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gpxplus guide: How to mass click

Okay since there really isn't really any new updates I will tell you guys how to mass click on Gpxplus without any fancy stuff. First of all Gpxplus is a fun pokemon egg place where you can click on other people pokemon. The main point of the Gpxplus is to hatch pokemon and help people. You can check the site out. It is a good time killer.

Q: What do I need to mass click on gpxplus?
A: All you really need is FireFox. Download here After you have Firefox add some nice add ons you can find on the internet if you want since the regular FireFox is kinda plain.

Q: Do I need anything extra to mass click on gpxplus?
A: All you need is FireFox. Some people recomend snaplinks but I dont know what it and I can click decent without it.

Q: What if i have a laptop?
A: You need to buy a mouse if you wanna mass click.

Shortcuts you need to know:
-Ctrl+W (This is to close tabs. Hold it to close faster)
-Ctrl+*number of tab your main gpxplus online list is on* (This is to go to the main online list page.)
-Ctrl+Tab (This is to go to the next tab)

1) Log onto Gpxplus and go to the "Users Online" which is located on the top right.
2) Type 40-50 or even 100 if your FireFox can take it to the pokemon/eggs you wanna open up.
3) Keep your Pinky on Ctrl, Index finger on W, Ring finger on Tab, and middle finger on the number. (2 is a good choice to keep your online list to be.)
4) When the pages are opening when you hit the "Go" button first choice. Tabs will start comming out. Wait for a while til it doesn't do that.
5) Now go back to where your online list is (use the Ctrl+*number of where the online list is at.*)
6) Now hit Ctrl+ Tab to go to the first pokemon page. Keep your mouse on the middle of the button. (Keep you mouse on middle of "warm the egg" or the berries) NOTE: Clicking the correct berries will waste time so don't care about that.
7) Click(keep clicking it doesnt matter as long it is in the middle of the "warm my egg button or at the middle berry choice") and hit Ctrl+Tab (over and over until you end up back to the online list.)
8) You now may want to wait 10 seconds depending on the internet do the clicks can load.
9) Go to the first pokemon page and hold Ctrl+W to close out the pages.
10) After you have closed out all the pages repeat the process over and over.

Hope this was helpful



  1. accually there is a setting to make it so the tabs close when you are done clicking it. I just start at the end. (to change it, it is under Settings in the Poketch)

  2. other than the ctrl+ number, I started doing that a few days ago, realized it was just easier to get it over with xD I'll try the number thing, but I think my way was working for me pretty well. ^_^

  3. Hotkeys are great.